Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Think pink (or yellow, or cobalt, or mint green...)

Some discussion on Corporette this week made me think about pink in the office. I wear it. Not all the time, but often enough. I have a fuschia pink shirt, a shift dress in the same colour and a fuschia coloured pashmina that often accompanies me on my travels around the office when the air conditioning is racked up to 'Arctic' and that short-sleeved shirt just won't do the job. I am generally a big fan of bright colours and also have various items in yellow, coral and bright blue. My choice of stores may sometimes be a little controversial (as in you wouldn't think one would buy work clothes from said stores), but I have learned to match slightly crazy pieces with old classics and nobody bats an eyelid now. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to shop for work clothes right now, but what is to stop me doing some window shopping.

Now, not everyone loves Express for office clothes, but I have several lovely pieces from there. One must, of course, steer clear of the low-cut sleeveless numbers, and get past the fact that all the models look like the Xeror repair man is about to appear any minute to ravage them. All that aside, I very much like this, for example. It would really just look gorgeous tucked into a lovely, black (knee-length) pencil skirt.

I saw this today and loved it - slight concern that the ruffle is too low down to tuck into a skirt (yes, yes, I'm a tucker), but I love the frill!

As dresses go, the colour here is lovely - perfect with black chunky necklace, shoes and cardi to tone it down a little.

Finally, if one is feeling a little unsure about going wild with the colours, shoes are always a great place to start. Funky coloured shoes with a plain black shift dress or black pencil skirt and neutral top give you that little something extra, don't you think? I have not (yet) been brave enough to wear pink shoes to the office, and amazingly I do not even own a pair, but a nice blue never went amiss!

Herein endeth the windowshopping. Now it is time to feel depressed about not having the money to buy any of the above!

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