Thursday, 27 May 2010

My own worst enemy

Gist of it being 'you're doing really well, we really had to dig deep to find a tiny bit of constructive critiscism'.

What I heard was 'blah blah blah ... basically you SUCK'

WHY am I so critical of myself?

Monday, 24 May 2010

The long weekend is coming. I'm excited. I got plans. Important plans. For the last two weekends I have had no plans whatsoever.

Of course this would be the week when a client decides to do a placing that needs to close yesterday.

One must not get too upset - this is the path I chose, after all!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer in the City

Summer is here at last. With the temperatures soaring for the first time this year (about time, too), city dwellers are making the most of the sunshine with a mass exodus from the comfort of our homes to parks, gardens and patios for drinking, socialising and overall lounging around.

This I can get on board with. In fact, I spent most of yesterday firmly planted on a patch of grass near my apartment with my roommate, a magazine and a box of blueberries. The part that I am struggling with is the unexplicable temptation that some (most) parkgoers cannot seem to be able to resist: near nudity.

Somehow I am failing to understand why the park is an appropriate place to wear a bikini - it is swimwear after all and there is no water in sight. I understand it gets hot and the sun is very pleasant, but the park is not the beach! I understand that men get hot and sweaty in their t-shirts, yet I still do not wish to see most of them without their shirts on. No offence, guys, but pasty white moobs really do not do it for me, despite what you may think. Yes, yes, I know, it isn't for the women's benefit that men strip off in the park (most of the time), but it would certainly be for everyone's benefit if you covered up! I didn't really know where to look, when there was more flesh on show than there was clothing.

Perhaps I am too prudish to understand modern day park-goers, but seriously. It is in the middle of the city - would you walk down the street in your bikini?

Actually, don't answer that, I have seen people do this...