Saturday, 17 July 2010

Week 1

Week one of the life improvement and blogging about it hasn't exactly had a spectacular start.

Exercise levels are pretty much zero, unless you count the 15 minute walk each way to and from various bus stops (which, actually, isn't so bad as it adds up to 30 minutes of walking every day).

I have generally had pretty healthy lunches, except Thursday when I was starving and succumbed to the pasta bar at the office, returning to my desk with salami and mozzarella swimming in tomato sauce. I haven't bought any chocolate all week, and have switched my usual late afternoon sweet snack to fruit. Oh and last night, with it being Friday and all, I couldn't resist the obligatory glass of wine. Or two.

Reading that back now, it doesn't actually sound too bad, but certainly room for improvement. In particular with the blogging as this is my first post in a week and makes even me want to go to sleep... more later!

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